Pre-Kindergarten (formally 3-year-old Kinder) provides the opportunity for children to form friendships whilst exploring their world and own abilities. Children learn most effectively when they are relaxed and having fun, which is why Pre-Kinder is based on play. Children will be offered play choices that reflect their developmental stage. During your child’s play we will be adding materials, using questions to extend play, participating in play, observing and monitoring play.

Children may attend 1 or 2 4-hour sessions per week and undertake activities such as:                                                      Image 10

      • Painting, drawing, play dough and craft activities
      • Puzzles and games
      • Reading, role play, singing and dancing
      • Outdoor/indoor free play, including “community corner”
      • Group snack time (families to provide snack)

The program is currently run twice a week, from 9am to 1pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The number of sessions offered are subject to enrolments.  Should enrolments not be sufficient to cover costs, sessions may be cancelled. The Pre-Kinder program does NOT receive any operational government funding so parents must meet all costs.

To be eligible for Pre-Kinder, children must turn 3 by the start of Term 2.

Please note that we have introduced an order of priority to ensure fairness to all eligible enrolments. Priority guidelines are as follows;

  • Children must have turned 3 on or before the first day of Term 1;
  • All other children who have not turned 3 on or before the first day of Term 1 will be placed on a waiting list in order of date of birth.  Older children will have priority and families will be offered a place for their child as positions become available;
  • Children who the teacher has recommended an additional year in the three-year-old-program;
  • Child whose parent/guardians are members of the Defence Forces;
  • Child whose parent/guardians are personnel working for the Defence Forces;
  • Child whose parents/guardians are personnel working in support of the Department of Defence (Frontline, school teachers, Defence Force contractors);
  • Child (who meets the age requirements) who will have siblings attending the Kindergarten in the same year;
  • Children who were eligible to attend in the previous year but deferred or withdrew from the service on or before the last day of Term 1;
  • Date of application;
  • Any other applicants.

All enrolled children must have turned 3 before they are able to start attending the program. 

Our Pre- Kindergarten Program Educator is Bree, who is assisted by Tania.